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Enhance Your Catching Skills

Vaughn Sports Academy’s coaches can help you become the kind of catcher who makes a difference even in the most challenging and competitive games. We will help you develop the technique and mindset needed to help your team reach success.

Catchers fill a critical defensive role, and we are determined to help you play the part. Combining drills, practice, and a professional coach’s insight, you’ll develop the skills and confidence needed to make an impact with every catch.

Our coaches can teach you to read pitches, anticipate plays, and communicate with your team to influence the game’s flow.

Learn to catch, block, and throw the baseball like a professional while minimizing your risk of incurring injuries.

Learn to build your endurance and strengthen your body to withstand the physical demands of every game.

We will train you to develop leadership skills, so you can confidently help your team’s performance and guide them to victory.