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Why Mo Vaughn Baseball Camp?

We provide a safe and dynamic environment where young athletes can learn baseball skills from knowledgeable, caring, and disciplined coaches. At our camps, we believe in the importance of communicating with young players and ensuring they have a great experience.

Parents, coaches, and athletes choose our camps because we provide:

*Note: Mo Vaughn Baseball Camp is under the direct supervision of Mo Vaughn, even though his presence is not always guaranteed. We are committed to helping athletes enjoy their time at camp and upgrade their skills as baseball players.

Why Choose Us

Top-Tier Facilities for Comprehensive Baseball Training and Development

With over 20,000 square feet of space, including bullpens, agility training areas, fielding areas, and five batting cages, Vaughn Sports Academy boasts one of Boca Raton’s finest indoor facilities. Along with our specially designed program and professional coaching staff, we offer everything needed to support baseball athletes and help unlock their full potential.

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VSA Baseball Camp Coaches

Mo Vaughn Baseball Camp

Meet The Coaches

Omar Moreno
Coach Omar Moreno is well recognized for his 12-season run with MLB and an even longer career as a professional baseball coach. Known as “The Outmaker” during his pro player days for his remarkable baserunning, he now helps hone young athletes’ fielding and other skills in VSA’s baseball camps. Parents, coaches, and athletes looking for baseball camps by expert coaches can count on Coach Omar Moreno for high-level knowledge and insights about the game.


Ben Rivera
As a professional baseball player, Coach Ben Rivera was known as an unstoppable force on the pitching mound, able to fire impressive fastballs like no other. He now serves as one of the coaches at VSA’s youth baseball camps, training young athletes to improve the power, accuracy, and consistency of their pitches, among other baseball skills. Players, coaches, and parents can trust Ben Rivera to share his passion for baseball and wealth of experience every time.

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How we work



We ask our athletes to demonstrate the desire to learn, the will to win, and the commitment to healthy sportsmanship. Our staff will not tolerate improper behavior. Mo Vaughn Baseball Camp reserves the right to dismiss athletes for misconduct.


I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by Vaughn Sports Academy. I understand that violating rules and regulations may result in losing program privileges without a refund. 

I hereby waive and release Mo Vaughn Baseball Camp, its coaches, and employees from and against any claims, suits, losses, or related causes of action for damages, including attorney’s fees and costs, that may result from injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising from my child’s participation in any and all activities at this facility, and any resulting illness and/or injury, and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mo Vaughn Baseball Camp and its

employees from and against any and all such claims.

I recognize that the recreational events or activities entered into by my child can be dangerous, and I accept those dangers. I understand that if my child is injured, this waiver will be used against me and anyone claiming damage in any legal action because of my child’s injury. I hereby acknowledge that I understand and am familiar with the nature of the activities that my child will participate in at this facility and affirm that my child is in good health and that my child does not have a physical or emotional condition, past or present, of which I am aware, which would in any way affect my child’s ability to participate in recreation programs.  I understand that I should have health and accident insurance to cover injuries from participating in recreation programs. I also understand that I am responsible for the immediate pick-up of my child upon completion of the program for which the child was registered. 

In case of emergency, I give my permission for my child’s emergency medical treatment and transportation to such treatment.


Photographs and/or videos may be taken during various clinics. These photographs and videos may be used for the Mo Vaughn Baseball Academy website or other promotional material. Please indicate whether you will or will not grant permission for us to use your child’s photos/videos for these purposes.