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baseball and the fourth of july

Baseball And The Fourth of July

It’s the Fourth of July—time to celebrate the achievements of our great nation and its heroes! Baseball shares an unshakable bond with America’s birthday. Our ...
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - October 31, 2008: Fans gather on Broad Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the 2008 World Series Parade to celebrate the win of the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2008 World Series that ended on October 29. 2008.

Baseball – A Ray Of Hope In Dark Times

There are very few sports on this planet with as much influence on public life ...
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Jackie Robinson – The Baseball Star Who Changed History

The name “Jackie Robinson” is forever etched in golden letters in the history of baseball ...
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7 year old boy going toward a baseball in the field, summer
Naperville, Illinois  USA

5 Fascinating Aspects of Baseball

Baseball is called America’s favorite pastime for many good reasons. It’s easy to play – ...
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Baseball laying on a worn home plate or base

Popular Expressions In English Borrowed From Baseball

To the American people, baseball isn’t just a sport. It’s an emotion that connects millions ...
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Pitching Coach in Florida - VSA

What are the most effective strategies in baseball? Part 2: Pitching

In the previous installment of our ongoing series, we looked closely at strategic hitting in ...
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Baseball Was Born In The Land Of The Free!

Baseball is the quintessential American sport. In fact, it’s more than just a sport. Millions ...
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Baseball player swings the bat for a hit

What are the most effective strategies in baseball? Part 1: Hitting

To say that baseball is a popular sport would be an understatement. To fans, baseball ...
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movaughn in action - 1

The Crucial Role Of A Coach In Baseball

Baseball is a fun sport. But once you start taking it seriously as a player, ...
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Focused baseball player sprinting towards the finish line- fueled by determination and adrenaline

Impact Of Baseball On Teenage Behavior

Baseball is a team sport, and any team sport requires players to work together to ...
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Strong mindset is one of the most overused terms across all sports

Why a Strong Mindset is Essential for Youth Baseball Players?

A strong mindset is what every coach is looking for, every parent is proud of ...
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Young baseball player swings the bat, shot from behind the catcher

Benefits of Online Hitting Lessons for Youth Baseball Players

At Vaughn Sports Academy, we offer online hitting lessons, programs, and baseball training for young people of all ages that want to get better at ...
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A pitcher in a grey and red uniform prepares to throw a pitch during a professional baseball game

Gaining a Mental Edge in Baseball Training

At Vaughn Sports Academy, you can improve your baseball training and develop a strong mindset to take your professional baseball career to the next level.
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man talking in front of microphone

Martin & Jackie Robinson: Uniting Equality in Baseball and Civil Rights

Martin Luther King Jr. and the game of baseball may seem they are not connected, ...
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A young boy in a blue jersey and white pants swings a bat during a baseball game.

Exploring the Reasons Why Kids Lose Interest in Baseball Training

Through the Vaughn Sports Academy, you can get virtual baseball training from baseball legend Mo Vaughn to help your child succeed in baseball or softball.
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