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Are you sick of striking out? Tired of feeling frustrated and drained after every game? Ready to take your baseball career to the next level? If so, it's time to invest in some quality baseball training. With the right guidance, you can perfect your swing, develop more power and consistency, and start seeing the results you've always wanted.

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a great baseball coach can make a big difference

Having a great baseball coach can make a big difference in your development as a player. They can teach you the proper techniques, strategies, and mental preparation to help you succeed on the field. A good baseball coach can also identify and help you improve on any weaknesses you may have. Not only that, a great coach can be a positive role model and mentor, helping you to develop a strong work ethic and mindset for success. On the other hand, a bad coach can hold you back by giving you bad advice, not understanding your individual needs, and creating a negative team environment. In the end, having a coach who truly cares about your development can make all the difference in helping you reach your full potential as a player.

The importance of having a good baseball coach include:

  • Providing instruction and feedback on proper technique and mechanics to improve players’ skills.
  • Teaching game strategy, positioning, and handling different types of situations.
  • Mentoring players on the mental and emotional aspects of the game.
  • Providing valuable insight and perspective on the game from their experience.
  • Ensuring safety of players by providing equipment fitting and injury prevention tips.

The cons of having a bad coach include:

  • Lack of proper instruction and feedback leading to poor technique and mechanics.
  • Inadequate teaching of game strategy and handling different types of situations.
  • Neglecting the mental and emotional aspects of the game.
  • Lack of experience and insight leading to poor decision making.
  • Neglecting safety precautions and equipment fitting.
  • Poor communication and lack of positive motivation can lead to a negative team environment.

Conquering Failure: The Impact of a Skilled Coach in Baseball

It’s no secret that failure is a big part of baseball. Even the best players only succeed in getting a hit about 30% of the time. But having a good coach can make all the difference in how a player navigates those failures. A good coach can teach players how to learn from their mistakes, adjust their approach, and stay mentally strong in the face of failure. They can also help players understand how to use failure as a tools, for growth and improvement, both as individuals and as a team. Additionally, a coach can teach players the skills, techniques and strategies they need to overcome the challenges of the game, such as hitting, fielding, and pitching. In short, a coach acts as a mentor and guide, helping players develop the mental and physical skills they need to succeed in baseball, while also instilling the resilience and determination needed to overcome the failures inherent in the game.

Meet the Baseball Coaches


Vaughn Sports Academy offers an elite team of baseball instruction and coaching unlike any place else in South Florida. We offer individual, group and team lessons. Our goal is to create a journey for your young player that caters to his or her individual needs. Given our instructors have played several years in the Majors or Minors, and have coached players in developing into professional athletes, we offer the right mix of knowledge and experience to take your child’s game to the next level.

Please book your lessons below by selecting your appointment type, instructors, and date. We look forward to working with you.

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1 Lesson

Player Development and General Skills
$ 80 Single 1-hour Lesson
  • Hitting
  • Pitching
  • Fielding
  • Base Running
  • Outfielding
  • General Skills

5 Lessons

1 Hour Each: Player Development and General Skills
$ 375 5 qty 1-hour Lessons: $75 ea
  • Book 5 lessons upfront
  • Save $5 a lesson ($25 savings total)
  • Pre-book to lock in desired date & time.
  • Choose one coach or split your appointments with various coaches*

10 Lessons

1 Hour Each: Player Development and General Skills
$ 700 10 qty 1-hour Lessons: $70 ea
  • Book 10 lessons upfront
  • Save $10 a lesson ($100 savings total)
  • Pre-book to lock in desired date & time.
  • Choose one coach or split your appointments with various coaches*

Meet Baseball Coach Mo

Mo Vaughn had a notable 12-year Major League Baseball career with the Boston Red Sox (1991-98), Anaheim (1999-2000), and the New York Mets (2002-03). Mo’s career highlights include a batting average of .293, 328 home runs and 1,064 RBI. Mo was a three-time American League All-Star with the Red Sox (1995, ’96 and ’98) and awarded the American League MVP in 1995 when he hit .300 with 39 HR & 126 RBI. The “Hit Dog” became one of the most feared hitters especially in 1996 for Boston batting .326 with 44 HR & 143 RBI.

Witnessing his then 4-year-old son Lee play the game, Mo saw a need for younger kids to get professional level baseball coaching. He jumped into the position of “Coach Mo” for the Boca Raton PawSox and it’s what inspired him to launch Vaughn Sports Academy. …READ MORE

Meet Baseball Coach Mike

Mike Easler is a former Major League Baseball player. During his 16 year MLB career, Mike played for the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, and California Angels. Upon retirement, Mike became a hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox. That’s when he changed Mo Vaughn’s life forever.

Mike Easler was Mo Vaughn’s hitting coach while playing in the MLB. He transformed his swing to make Mo one of the most feared sluggers in all of baseball and helping him take home 1995 AL MVP honors! …READ MORE

Meet Baseball Coach Ben

Bienvenido “Ben” Rivera Santana played Major League Baseball from 1992-1994 for the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves. In 1993 Ben had the incredible opportunity to pitch in the World Series with the Phillies.

Before that, he played six years at the minor leagues with the Atlanta Braves Organization. He played for the Dominican Republic Winter Ball from 1988 to 2006, as well as Leagues in Mexico, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. 

Ben served as Pitching Coach at Trinity International Christian Academy in Lake Worth, where the team won State Championships in 2016 and 2017. Today Ben privately trains and supervises young kids in pitching across South Florida. He is coach of the Boca Raton PawSox youth travel baseball teams. …READ MORE

Meet Baseball Coach Wally

Wally Horsman is a Canadian born, professional baseball player, and coach. During this professional career, Wally played for the Canadian National Baseball Team and was awarded the Nova Scotia Olympic Trust Fund 1987. He also participated in the Pan American games in Indianapolis, Indiana, and served as an Associate Scout for the Montreal Expos. Wally spent over twenty years as a catching and hitting instructor, facilitating summer camps, clinics, and distant learning training for players abroad. With his experience in training both Major and Minor League MLB players, Wally has joined Vaughn Sports Academy to continue his career as a professional baseball coach and mentor to young, aspiring athletes. …READ MORE

Meet Baseball Coach Vic

Victor Gutierrez has over 20 years of professional baseball experience. From 1994-2004 he played professionally in the Minors for the Pirates, Braves, Expos and Angels. Coach Vic also has played in Grosetto, Italy for the Italian Baseball League and coached in Taipei, Taiwan for the Chinese Taipei Baseball Association. He brings extensive  knowledge from different baseball cultures.

During Coach Vic’s playing time in 1998 he led the South Atlantic League in stolen bases playing for the Augusta GreenJackets (Pittsburgh Pirates affiliation). In 1999 he led the team with the best fielding percentage while playing for the Lynchburg Hillcats in the Carolina League (Pittsburgh Pirates Affiliation). In 2013 when he was part of the Sugar Land Skeeters coaching staff the team broke the all time record for wins in a single season.

Coach Vic is known best for his extensive knowledge in the infield and hitting. He simplifies the game of baseball to teach players proper fundamentals needed to develop at a young age. …READ MORE

Meet Baseball Coach Yamid

Coach Yamid Haad’s versatility, work ethic, and natural talent for inspiring young athletes make him a great addition to any baseball camp. His impressive catching skills and ability to play any position earned him a place in the Major League. Today, he has made a name as an excellent coach in VSA’s youth baseball camps, where he guides youth baseball players to improve their skills and teaches them how to create and foster a positive team environment.